8. Seriously…I’m Kidding , Ellen DeGeneres

Seeing as how I mostly read fiction books and classical literature, I decided to branch out and give my favorite funny lady a chance. I picked up a copy of Ellen DeGeneres’ book titled “Seriously…I’m Kidding” in hopes of getting a few laughs out of it. The book delivered laughs and a lot more than I expected.

So just in case you don’t know who Ellen is here is a briefing.  She is a stand-up comedian, television host, bestselling author, and actress. She hosts the talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was also a judge on American Idol in its ninth season in 2009. I first became a fan after watching her talk show and witnessing her dance moves. She also does a lot of charitable work and has an impressive resume I won’t bore you with. Instead, I will tell you about her third book.

Just like you might expect from Ellen, it’s extremely funny and witty. But surprisingly the book is also incredibly uplifting and inspiring. Something I didn’t expect at all. Ellen is all about being positive and leading a happy life. In her book she offers some advice as to how one should achieve these things. Although she cracks a lot of jokes, she does take time to be serious and encouraging. It’s inspiring to see how she doesn’t take herself too seriously or life in general. The whole book truly represents who she is; random and silly, yet smart, honest and simply nice. You can’t help but love her and the book. These are chapters that are one sentence long and there are chapters with coloring pages in case you get tired of reading and want to color. Ellen covers everything from her wife’s obsession with hoarding lotion to her own colonoscopy appointment.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good summer read. If you can laugh at the silly things than this is for you, but if you are not a fan of Ellen’s humor you might not like it. Don’t expect to hear her life story and how she became who she is. Instead, expect to see who she is. I also think books like this one make perfect gifts for friends; some parts are relatable and make you think about your own life and funny situations you have been in. Expect to laugh out loud.


7. The Time Keeper, Mitch Albom

If you have ever read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, then you are sure to love “The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom. To me, the two novels are strikingly similar. Both are written in a simple language about big notions such as destiny and time. It was also the prefect book to read after “Tinkers” by Paul Harding which also deals a lot with the idea of time. This was definitely an easy read and a book you can finish in one night.

The story starts off with the introduction of the inventor of the world’s first clock. He is a young boy names Dor who is hopelessly in love with a girl called Allie. He ends up marrying her, however instead of spending time with his wife he is fascinated by numbering tings and eventually inventing the clock. Dor is punished for trying to measure time and soon he is banished to a cave for centuries and forced to listen to the voices of all who come after him seeking more years for themselves.  Finally, after centuries of misery and with his soul nearly broken, Dor is granted his freedom, along with a mission. He gets a chance to redeem himself by teaching two earthly people the true meaning of time.

This doesn’t prove to be easy since a lot of time has one by and humans have become dominated counting time and trying to make it go faster and slower. His journey begins with two unlikely people. One is a teenage girl who is about to give up on life, the other a wealthy old businessman who wants to live forever. In order to  save himself, Dor must save them both.

Albom creates an unforgettable story that inspired me to further contemplate the idea of time. It is a big concept to grasp so I think about how most of my days are spent. I realize how the tick tock of the clock drives most of my actions and how imprisoned this thought makes me feel. To be free seems to only be possible if we forget about the notion of time. How can we do that? Maybe on a vacation or for a day, but for longer…it doesn’t seem possible. Time is a scary thing. Either way, “The Time Keeper” is a book I would recommend. It makes me curious about the other books Albom has written. Has anyone read any of them? If so, please let me know which ones you would recommend.

“We all yearn for what we have lost. But sometimes, we forget what we have.” 
― Mitch AlbomThe Time Keeper

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